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We offer multiple methods of fingerprinting services.  Fingerprint cards are the traditional method of fingerprint collection. Fingerprint cards may be captured either by using ink or live scan fingerprint capture with cards printed.  We can also electronically collect fingerprints, save them digitally, & have them sent anywhere you choose.

fingerprinting 1.jpg

Our office stocks standard FBI (FD-258 and FD-1164) and FINRA fingerprint cards, however, fingerprint card services can be provided on any state-specific card. If you require fingerprinting on a form of any kind, other than a fingerprint card, please contact our office for directions




FD-1164 CARD

FINRA Fingerprint Card.png


If you are needing your prints created into a digital file, we can capture process them using our state-of-the-art print scan capture system.  We can provide you with the files on-site or submit them electronically anywhere you need them to go.  If you need your electronically captured prints to be printed onto formal cards, we can accommodate that as well for an extra fee, as we do not electronically print cards onsite.  

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