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We can assist with the tedious & sometimes overwhelming task of acquiring, completing, & filing Form 1 & Form 4 applications with the ATF.  Whether you are wanting to build an SBR (Short Barreled Rifle) or purchase that suppressor you've had your eye on, you will need to file the appropriate paperwork first & pay the associated tax.  We can provide the paper forms to mail in & complete everything but signing for you or we can guide you in person on how to file an application online through the ATF's eForm website.  Either way you wish to file & submit your forms, we've got you covered.


When filing your ATF application forms in paper format to mail in, just come by the office with a description of what you are making or buying, the measurements, brands, & serial numbers (if known) of your items & we can do the rest.  We can provide the fingerprinting, passport style photos, & any supplemental forms needed.  You will of course need a check or money order for the $200 tax paid fee the ATF collects.  Here is a list of the submission items for mail in filing.

Additional paper with applicable information for all sections that require a “yes” answer.

$200 check or money order ($5 for any AOW transfers).

Responsible Person Questionnaire (ATF Form 5320.23).

2 copies of the completed ATF Form 1.

Fingerprint cards (FBI Form FD-258).

Passport photographs.

You also have the option to file using the eForm electronic filing system.  This is hands-down the fastest & easiest way to submit an application to the ATF for approval.  Simply come in to our facility & we can guide you through the process of how to use the ATF’s online eForm system and you should get an initial response in a matter of days instead of the several months it takes filing a paper application.  The total wait times for final approval are also usually much shorter.  Before you can use the eForm system, though, you will need to register an online account through the ATF creating a username, password, & pin.  Once your account is set up and active, you can submit your forms in just a few minutes.  We can help you through the entire process.

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