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About MMI Tactical




MMI Tactical strives to become a one-stop source for education, knowledge, & training in the Texas firearms industry.  As a federally licensed firearms dealer & manufacturer, our goal is to provide law abiding citizens with the best firearms & related gear the industry has to offer.  You will only find the BEST offered here.  With extensive knowledge & experience on firearms, tactical gear, & survival equipment we aim to guide experienced shooters & beginners alike to make the best possible purchases according to their individual needs & requirements.  Our emphasis on custom tailored loadouts is unrivaled in the local industry, & we do not offer anything because it is cheap or widely available.  We offer & recommend the products on this site only because they are proven, tried & true products that will provide a high level of effectiveness & quality.  We expect our gear to work for us right the first time & every time, so we do not offer the common plain vanilla variety of entry level gear you may find elsewhere.  We stride to provide a higher standard of offerings to prevent the common trap most new shooters find themselves in of rebuying & rebuying the same type of gear multiple times until they finally become educated & experienced enough to know what works & what doesn't why quality matters in this game.



Our training is nothing short of the most modern concepts available.  We pride ourselves on having accumulated tactics, fundamentals, & concepts from a multitude of sources & have adapted them to our current training curriculums.  At MMI we want to offer our training course, classes, & camps to beginning & advanced shooters alike.  The hope that the education & knowledge learned here with us will trickle down & out into our communities is a factor that motivates us to provide nothing less than our best.  Because we have such a passion for the services we provide at our training camps, we want EVERYONE to be able to partake in them.  As such we offer our courses at the most minimal rates possible to allow those with lighter budgets to attend as well without breaking the bank.  All financial proceeds gained from our training courses go straight back into the courses to improve the experience & equipment we can provide.  We do not take a profit or compensation from our training camps.  It is our passion to teach, educate, & train that drives us & allows us to provide the highest quality of experience for our attendees possible.  However, with the passion to teach, comes the expectation of learning.  If you wish to attend a MMI Tactical Training course, please be ready to Take The Initiative & learn.  

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Taking The Minutemen Initiative

MMI stands for the Minutemen Initiative & it is a principle we live by.  Our goal with MMI Tactical is to not only provide law abiding citizens with the very best in firearms & related gear, but to also educate, inspire, and motivate members of our local community.  Too often our industry and our passion are associated with the negative connotation of violence & malevolence.  This could not be further from the truth & we stand in defiance of anyone trying to argue differently.  We are 2nd Amendment advocates & staunch believers in the constitutional republic are forefathers strived to create and defend.  However, advocacy must not always rely on thoughts & words alone.  It is necessary for men & women of good character and integrity to be capable of providing their own security & well being absent the help of others.  This is when our motto of Take The Initiative comes into bear.  For though times have changed & society has evolved in some ways, the underlying & realistic dangers of this world are still present.  And as free citizens guaranteed the right to keep & bear arms, we believe that those of us who have the capability & willingness to be protectors should Take The Initiative to perfect their craft in every way & be willing & able to react in a minute's notice.  MinuteMen is what we are, & what we strive to create.  Individuals capable of much more than your average citizen, both in regard to historical significance, as well as modern day personal defense & security. 

Minutemen Initiative On Two Fronts

Modern Day Personal Defense & Protection

We believe that anyone who is able & willing to be protectors of themselves & of others, should put in the prudent effort & time to perfect their abilities.  No longer is it sufficient for one to just own guns & that be good enough.  It is critical for one to properly know how to use their guns & have the knowledge & education to do so lawfully, ethically, & safely.  Firearms & other related personal defense gear has rapidly evolved & so too should concepts, fundamentals, & training.  Ever-present in American society are threats brought indiscriminately at a moment's notice, by those willing to do harm to others.  Self defense tactics & ideology have been forced to transition into a completely new form due to the regularity & severity of modern day threats.  We have adapted our training concepts & courses to be receptive of these ever evolving threats & provide you with the best possible preparation.  We take the initiative to better ourselves, push ourselves, and acquire the skills, knowledge, and capability to be protectors & warriors. Not all are capable of taking the initiative, they are content to rely on others. We are those others. At MMI you will learn the fundamentals, tactics, & ideology that will ingrain the confidence and proficiency to become a well rounded & prepared individual.

Historical Relevance & Importance


The world we live in today would have the majority of American society believe that the principles & ideology present during the founding of our great country do not exist or are not relevant in current day time.  This is a false belief & a deliberate deception.  The People then, as do The People now, retain the power & control to direct & decree the actions of government in a way that best serves The People as a whole.  Once that foundational principle of our republic no longer is true, then it becomes the duty of The People to enact the changes necessary to redirect & cease any tyrannical overreach of government & to restore the core principal beliefs & structure our country was built upon.  This is why the 2nd amendment very expressly mentions "a well-regulated militia" as being necessary to the security of a free state.  Because our founding fathers understood that the only way to prevent tranny & unjust rule from prevailing was for the populace themselves to individually stand in opposition.  Unfortunately, in the world we live today, individual values such as political awareness, emergency preparation, & proper training are not considered a priority or even pertinent aspects of everyday life.  The vast majority of our population does not consider or even recognize the undeniable fact that they themselves are part of "the Militia".  Content to live in silence and obedience, & with no thought to personal preservation, they rely on others to provide the safety & security they need, willingly accept further encroachments on their freedoms & rights, and 'hope' that the status quo of American life does not change for the worse, because they mistakenly believe that the powers that be have their best interests in mind.  However, there are those that do not, can not, & will not exist believing & relying upon the same.  These men belong to a group of thought that has existed for a very long time & was essential to our nations founding.  

The Minutemen played a crucial role not only in the Revolutionary War, but in earlier conflicts.  Although the terms militia and minutemen are sometimes used interchangeably today, in the 18th century there was a decided difference between the two. Militia were men in arms formed to protect their towns from foreign invasion and ravages of war. Minutemen were a small hand-picked elite force which were required to be highly mobile and able to assemble quickly. Minutemen were selected from militia muster rolls by their commanding officers. They were chosen for their enthusiasm, reliability, and physical strength. Usually about one quarter of the militia served as Minutemen, performing additional duties as such. The Minutemen were the first armed militia to arrive or await a battle.


Although today Minutemen are thought of as connected to the Revolutionary War in America, their existence was conceived in Massachusetts during the mid-seventeenth century. As early as 1645, men were selected from the militia ranks to be dressed with matchlocks or pikes and accoutrements within half an hour of being warned. A journal entry from Samuel Thompson, a Massachusetts militia officer, states, "...but when our men were gone, they sent eleven more at one minute's warning, with 3 days provision..." By the time of the Revolution, Minutemen had been a well-trained force for six generations in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Every town had maintained its 'training band'. The adversity that this region faced — Native-American uprisings, war with France, and potential for local insurrections, social unrest, and rioting — provided ample reason to adhere to a sound militia organization.

By the time of the Revolution, Massachusetts had been training, drilling, and improving their militia for well over a hundred years. In February of 1775 Concord was one of the first towns to comply with the order to create Minutemen companies out of the militia. Of approximately 400 militia from Concord's muster rolls, one hundred would also serve as Minutemen. The Minutemen were still better organized and battle-tested than any other part-time military and were a vital and necessary force, playing a crucial role in not only the Revolutionary War, but in earlier conflicts. Without these "ready in a minute" men, our history may have been written in a very different way.

MMI Training Staff


Randy Christopherson

Founder & CEO - Chief RSO & Instructor


Shawn Simons

MMI Partner - Training Instructor


Bryan Boyd

MMI Partner - Senior Lead Training Instructor


Randall Simons

Range Officer - Training Assistant


Eugene Hernandez

MMI Partner - Training Instructor

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